Our Core Service


Identity design
We provide custom solutions that results in logo designs that are unique, practical and effective in conveying a positive market perception of your business.


Print design
Our technical knowledge of printing process benefits our clients in achieving creative and effective marketing collaterals.


Website design
We build websites by defining the appropriate content structures, user interface and the user experience that is intuitive and effective.


Why mobile apps?

The promotions of products and services on mobile apps are recommended, although businesses have their own websites seeing the current booming of the mobile industry.  Communication is headed towards mobile devices and to embrace this technology help generate the right results for your business.

Irrespective of the size of your business, mobile apps have become an important marketing tool.  Small businesses are seen profiting from developing mobile apps.

At One Hill Tree, we can help develop mobile apps that suits your business objectives.


How can a mobile app help your business?

Customised Mobile apps can go where no traditional advertising method has been before.


Build customer loyalty

Obtain feedbacks from customers, improve on your products/services weakness and earn your customers' trust and loyalty to your business.


Ease of bringing your business to your customers

Apps make it unprecedentedly easy to connect and engage with customers.


Octopus POS  System

This product is essential for both retail and the F & B industry as it efficiently aids in processing everyday transactions, monitoring inventory and generating a simple yet comprehensive report for future planning. 


Octopus Retail POS (iPad)
Complete, easy-to-use, stand-alone POS solution specially designed for small and medium scale retail businesses such as clothing stores, electronic computer stores, pharmacies/ drug stores and almost any other retail stores.


Octopus Food POS (iPad)
Ideal solution for small Food and Beverages outlets. Equipped with transaction management and daily reporting functions to enhance utility for the cashier and a significant tool for the outlet manager for decision making.


Octopus Desktop POS
The Octopus Desktop POS enables the user to have an all-in-one control of the business in a computer. It covers five different modules of the business aspect, namely the sales, customer, purchasing, report and inventory modules.


How can a mobile app help your business?

Once your customer download your app, it stays with them. The app is like a mini-billboard that goes with your customers wherever they take their phone.

When your customers are flicking through the apps on their phone, they will see your app, and be reminded of your business and its products.

Customised Mobile apps can go where no traditional advertising method has been before.

Unlike traditional advertising, the ongoing cost
to keep your app on client’s phone is minimal.

Push notifications automatically display your specials and promotions to customers, even when they aren’t using your app.

Build customer loyalty

Customers want to know you care, and customers that are cared for become and remain loyal customers.

What if there was a way your customers
could always know about your best deals?

What if they could easily sing your business’ accolade,
or directly contact you if they were having a problem?

A customised mobile app would allow for all of this.

Before mobile apps, businesses would only hear praises and complaints through the grapevine, which meant slow and limited reaction.Today, a business can use their customised mobile app to easily and effectively build customer loyalty. The app can be used to send out specials, or to easily ask for customer feedback. It is made easier for satisfied customers to share their experience with others on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. And most importantly the app can make customers feel like they are part of a community: this community-feeling gives customers an interest in the success and improvement of your business.

Ease of bringing your business to your customers


Why limit interacting with your customer (and making money) to only when your customer is at your location? Before, if a customer wanted to conduct business with you, they would have to go to your website, or give you a call…and if they wanted to make a purchase now, it would be impossible; they’d have to wait to get to your location or until they were in front of their computer.


Mobile makes it easier to capture customers’ interest “in the moment”. If they want to buy a product like the one you sell, they simply go to your app and make a purchase. And if they want to know whether or not your business is open…it’s as simple as checking your app (and since you have them in your app, why not take the chance to show them some of your specials or promotions?).

Mobile apps have great potential for small businesses: consider it as part of your overall marketing plans.Apps make it unprecedentedly easy to connect and engage with customers. Small businesses of all types understand the statistics and realize that apps are a powerful, modern tool in their marketing arsenal that fills the gaps left by traditional marketing methods. And the sharpest of small businesses build comprehensive marketing strategies around their app, knowing that their app is their “foot-in” to contact and engage with customers.

In short, start thinking about a customised app and what it can do for your business today! Because if you’re not, I bet your competitors probably are.

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