At One Hill Tree, we believe in making friends first…
before making business

We provide services and free consultancy in Identity, Print & Website Designs, and Business Solutions.  The birth of One Hill Tree is based on the desire of the founders to add value to businesses. Customers who invest in our products and services are assured of experiencing value in multiple folds. We encourage businesses to approach us for free consultations if they feel they are not receiving the value they seek from product and service providers in the market.


We welcome friendly discussions to identify products and services that best suit your objectives.We do not have to do business to become friends….

Our partners and business affiliates are carefully selected based on our principle.

Experiences have a lasting impression...
We have loads of them
The One Hill Tree management team consists of three highly experienced individuals, each with his and her own field of expertise. With their combined expertise, One Hill Tree are able to incorporate value for money solutions with high level services.

One Hill Tree are supported by a team of dedicated staff who shares the values and principles of the organisation.

Rozana strives in providing quality service and value to her customers. She believes that when customers pay for a product or service the value received by the customers must worth multiple folds the price they pay for.

Rozana has more than 20 years of experience in managing a business, and she specialises in sales and marketing of tangible products and also educational programmes. She studied business marketing at UniSIM University, Singapore.

Rozana’s strength is in opening up a new market. She introduced dimensional natural stones from India into the Asia market in the late 1980s and these have now been widely used in the construction industry not only in Asia, but worldwide. Some of these stones sold to and used in the global market still bear the brand names identified and created by Rozana. Her involvement in the dimensional natural stone industry saw her travelling the globe for marketing, purchasing and inspection of the materials that provide her with vast experience in international networking.

Her passion in education saw Rozana opening up the Malaysia market for the different real estate investment and finance programmes created by a real estate association in Asia.  She was involved in the marketing and co-ordination of workshops for these programmes across Asia for four years. She has won the friendships of many of the delegates and students who attended these programmes, and practitioners, for her positive interactions and high standard of service. When the flagship programme by the real estate association was taken over by a university in the UK, Rozana was engaged as External Consultant for the university for a six-month period.

One of his strong suit is developing corporate identities for businesses that are meaningful, smart and effective. 

Effendy has more than 20 years of experience in the graphic design industry. Graduating from the specialised Typography & Graphic Communications course at University of Reading, he has in depth knowledge of letters – a basic tool of communication. With his expertise in typography, Effendy is able to create different voices for client’s marketing collaterals to suit their varied requirements.

One of his strong suit is developing corporate identities for businesses that are meaningful, smart and effective. 

Ainey has vast experience in managing people and providing excellent marketing support. 

Ainey has over 30 years experience in managing company’s accounts and finance.  She has been working closely with Rozana, our Business Director, since 1996. Ainey travels regionally to provide marketing and sales support to customers under our affiliate company Zara Guri Resources LLP which is dealing in dimensional stones. 

Ainey has vast experience in managing people and providing excellent marketing support.  One Hill Tree is now benefitting from her valuable expertise resulting in customer’s satisfaction.

Let’s build our friendship…

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